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Infeeling SOC Portable E Rig Nail Dab Wax Concentrates 2600mAh Starter Kit

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The SOC E-Nail is a portable concentrate dab rig that is powered by an internal 2600mAh battery and offers easy to use single button operation. The SOC ENail is powered by a ceramic heating element which offers intelligent operation through the use of temperature control and different output temperatures.

S.O.C. stands for System on Chip and boy does the chip know what it's doing. The chip allows the SOC eNail to efficiently reach specific temperatures with ease and allows for portable enjoyment of all your favorite concentrates without the hassle of bringing around a glass rig and blowtorch with you where ever you may go.

Using the SOC ENail has never been easier! The device is made from 3 different parts: a ceramic atomizer, a base which contains the chip and battery capacity, and finally is topped with a glass section. The glass section can be completely removed for easy cleaning and filling and uses a simple plug and play system that just sets into the base.

Once the chamber has been filled (with water just above the air holes) and the device has been charged, you are ready to go! Simply install the atomizer and fill with the concentrate of your choice. Once the chamber has been filled, use the lassoed carb cap to cover the chamber. Once you are loaded, 5 clicks will turn the device on / off. When the device is on, you can now choose what temperature you will be firing at by cycling through different options with 3 clicks. The color LED will change depending on what temperature you are set to:

Blue: 400°F - For small sized loads
Green: 500°F - For medium sized loads
Red: 550°F - For large sized loads
White: 600°F - For extra large sized loads

Once you have selected your output temperature, the device will start by simply holding down the fire button until you hear the beep, the device will start to heat and the LED on the fire button will pulse to indicate that the device is being heated. In approximately 30 seconds you will hear another beep which notifies the user that the device is ready to use! During this time the ceramic will be at your set temperature and you can hit it as you see fit, using the carb cap to efficiently clear the glass chamber. This firing time is called the "Session Time" and the device will stay at this temperature for the duration of your session. The S.O.C. offers a unique way to extend session time which they have coined the "Peak Sesh Mode". To activate this, simply press the fire button twice once the device is in session time and it will increase heat and extend the session time by 15 seconds.

Cleaning the device
Any user of concentrates knows and understands how messy things can get with repeated use. The SOC E-Nail can be deconstructed for maximum ease. When cleaning the device, the user should first remove the glass chamber from the device and clean that separately. The carb cap and the glass can both be cleaned by soaking in isopropyl alcohol and then rinsed with water. The atomizer of the device can be fully disassembled to ensure that it can be cleaned efficiently. Make sure to clean the gold connector on the base and the bottom of the atomizer with an alcohol soaked cotton swab. If anything is having an issue coming apart, do not forcefully take it apart. Finally after cleaning make sure that all pieces are dry and cooled before reassembling.

Note: The manufacturer recommends that the device is cleaned after 10 uses and we recommend removing the water chamber from the base when not in use to avoid any accidental spilling.

Product Specifications:

  • Dimensions: 159mm x 89mm x 70mm (approximately as the glass is hand blown)
  • Powered by an internal 2600mAh battery
  • All colors offer a vibrant, chrome styled finish with the exception of black (and now white) which have a rubberized matte finish
  • 4 different output temperature settings which can be easily swapped by simply pressing the fire button three times
  • Powered by an intelligent chip which offers accurate temperature control and an intuitive colored LED which keeps the user updated
  • Device can be deconstructed for and easy cleaning experience

Package Contents:

  • 1x SOC Dab Rig Device
  • 1x Hand blown borosilicate glass piece
  • 1x Removable atomizer
  • 3x Ceramic bowls
  • 1x Hand blown carb cap
  • 1x Metal wand for loading
  • 1x Silicone storage jar
  • 3x Isopropyl Alcohol filled cotton swabs
  • 1x USB charging cable
  • 1x User manual